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Scotch Bonnet Grill (SBG) was created by Damian Perrin whose passion for cooking started at an early age. With a professional cook at home, growing up he learned how to cook from his parents and by trial and error. His father worked as a cook for a famous hotel in Jamaica and his mom grew up in the country side of Jamaica learning how to cook country style. Country Style- meaning free-range meats, poultry, seafood, fresh produce, yams and grains etc are cooked in various ways producing flavor combinations reminiscent of a home cooked meal.

Living in New York a common complaint amongst friends and family is that some Jamaican restaurants do not serve good Jerk Chicken. Instead a lot of these establishments make boiled or baked chicken and drown it in jerk seasoning or barbecue sauce. This became really frustrating, as generally Jamaicans are very open to trying different cuisines but will go out of their way for some good Jamaican food. While exploring what good Jerk Chicken is; Damian discovered how to make authentic Jerk chicken that is juicy, tender, and flavorful. Summertime, Damian was on the grill preparing jerk chicken for family and friends, utilizing his new-found knowledge. The response was great. Those who sampled, raved that it was one of the best Jerk Chicken they have ever had. Damian was overwhelmed with requests to “Jerk” Chicken and cook at barbecues and parties. Pretty soon he was being offered payment to prepare Jamaican food all over.

As such, out of necessity for authentic Jamaican cuisine rose Scotch Bonnet Grill. The vision is to usher SBG from an event/catering service to an upscale restaurant that serves meals which reminds Jamaicans and new comers to the cuisine of good home cooking with sophistication.